Favorite Chinese Actresses: Jiang Xin

I’m pretty sure it’s no secret that I became a fan of Jiang Xin after seeing her amazing performance as Hua Fei in The Legend of Zhen Huan.  I also became a fan of Sun Li, Ada Choi, Lan Xi, etc. but Jiang Xin really stood out the most to me.  Even when I look back and remember Hua Fei’s character in LZH, I get a bit emotional because that is how much of an impact her character had on me.  Jiang Xin acted wonderfully as a powerful concubine who ended up self-destructing because of her tragic love for the emperor.  Even though Hua Fei hurt a lot of the other concubines, I ended up not being able to hate her because she was so much more than just a villain.  Oh, and Jiang Xin won the award for the best supporting actress, and she totally deserves it! 

The Legend of Zhen Huan was the first time I saw Jiang Xin, but some of you may recognize her from her previous roles in Chinese Paladin and Demigods and Semidevils.  It seems like her role as Mu Wan Qing in Demigods and Semidevils was one of her more popular roles.  I also think that Jiang Xin has a good sense of humor judging by her playful attitude in interviews and behind the scenes clips.  She also does her classic fish-face in candid pictures, haha!  As for her official photoshoots, I did not include them in my collages but she exudes a feeling of sophistication and beauty.

^Doesn’t JX look so fierce?!?!

Jiang Xin has what it takes to play kick-butt characters.  Omg, look at her wielding a sword, a bow, and a long spear!!!!!!!!!!!  Jiang Xin is starring in the upcoming c-drama, Hua Xu Yin which also stars Yuan Hong AND Kevin Cheng!!!!!!!  (the pics with her in armor) I think Jiang Xin is paired with Yuan Hong’s character but don’t quote me on that.  Anyways it is so awesome seeing her on a horse in full-on armor, posing with her spear.  Jiang Xin is both beautiful and handsome at the same time!  You can see more of the stills from Hua Xu Yin here.

10 thoughts on “Favorite Chinese Actresses: Jiang Xin

  1. I LOVE HER!!! I also love that she hit it big after a good period of smaller roles, very little noise, to precipitate her talent in a worthy piece of work in ZHZ. imo this is the best timing for the long haul because looking at stars who’ve hit it big when they are too young, in their early 20s, they are now reduced to money making star vehicles with no substance, and acting is a craft that needs constant honing. It’s her time to shine now, you know how much I’m anticipating her SongNing, like never before!

    • Yeah, she is not depending on just one breakthrough role that suddenly launches her to stardom. Jiang Xin already has a very impressive repertoire and you can really tell that she is a seasoned actress at this point in her career.

  2. *squee* hope Hua Xu Yin airs quickly ^^, Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin are two very fine looking, talented actors, so I think it’s fair to expect some good, yummy stuff from them ^^ and with Da Mo Yao MIA… >.<

  3. I still remember the first time I saw Jiang Xin. It is in the trailer of Hua Xu Yin and she becomes the reason why I want to watch it. Because I kind of read this sub story and know what Song Ning has gone through so just by seeing how Jiang Xin portrayed the self broken Song Ning in that short clip really attracted me. I hope it is not too much to say I met Song Ning in real life. And I cried a bucket :((. Still feel VERY sad and depressed about what Song Ning has to go through. I just dislike Shen An, don’t know what to say about him. Yuan Hong was also good in his performance. Good casting for this pair.

  4. Yea ZHZ is AMAZINGGG, my first time seeing jiang xin and sun li there too, and I immediately fell in love with both of them, jiang xin was a perfect villain, a villain I couldn’t hate lmao, sun li was just, breathtaking omg, her acting, her looks, her expressions same with Jiang Xin, both of them are amaaaazing

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