Itazura na Kiss: Ep 9 (Updated)

KIN, FOR THE WIN! *Updated with part 2 link*

^Naoki, ignored not once, but twice by Kotoko!  BWAHAHA!

I wasn’t very into episode 9 this week.  There were funny moments but I felt like it dragged too much with zombie-Kotoko and the huge misunderstanding over Irie’s living situation.  It was cute seeing Naoki going out of his way to make things right with Kotoko, but still.  Does it require the whole episode to do so?

BUT THEN..JUST THIS ONE SHORT SCENE FROM KIN-CHAN MADE THE ZOMBIE-KOTOKO STORY WORTH IT.  Omg, Kin is so perfect in this scene, I love him.  There’s no grand speech, no halfhearted “things will get better” advice.  All he has to say is “I’M HERE”. Such a cute scene, I love all of these sweet moments between Kotoko & Kin.  And note that after Kin gives this speech, Kotoko decides that she has to cheer up and get over this whole ordeal, since after all her friends (*cough* KIN *cough*) are really worried about her.

This week I posted twice about episode 9, you can find the links to parts 1 & 2 below!

And omg, how many of you are waiting for the stuff in the juicy previews…more specifically…THIS…

^All credits are linked.

If you are itching for more spazzing over the upcoming episode 10, just check out Mookie’s spazzy post, that is all you need!

6 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss: Ep 9 (Updated)

  1. heisui! Thank you for the link to spazz on ep10 of ItaKiss. It fired up even more by burning desire for Fri to come faster. What day is it today? Thursday? Arghhh!!

  2. Love love love Kin-chan in this episode.

    I think Kotoko’s girlfriends are just as clueless in love as she is – they make it sound like they are so experienced and know it all, but they totally don’t (I wonder if either of them has actually been in a relationship). Sometimes I get the impression that Jinko kinda likes Kin-chan though (she’s always the first one to snatch the food he prepared for Kotoko). I know that’s not how the manga goes, but…

  3. Love Kin-Chan, such a crazy sweetie, lol. I do think this is the weakest episode so far, you’re right, Kotoko was a zombie for too long. With every incarnation of this manga, I’m always amazed at how much we like Kotoko, despite the fact that she’s a total nutjob when it comes to Naoki. She’s utterly unrealistic, but she somehow manages to remain endearing at the same time.

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