Anticipated c-drama: Hua Xu Yin starring Jiang Xin, Yuan Hong & Kevin Cheng

The official trailer for one of my most anticipated c-dramas of the year, Hua Xu Yin, has just been released!  WOOO!

Even if Bu Bu Jing Qing and Da Mo Yao are out of the game in the c-drama scene this year, I have one remaining light of hope–HUA XU YIN!!!  Don’t look at me for a synopsis or an explanation of the plot for this drama, because I am still pretty confused about it.  It is about a princess, Ye Zhen (Lin Yuan), who comes back to life and creates dreams for people to experience.  She falls in love with a prince, Mu Yan (Kevin Cheng). 

Official Trailer

So, Hua Xu Yin is based off of the original novel written by Tang Qi Gong Zi.  But from what I’ve heard, it is more of a loose interpretation rather than an accurate adaptation.  I haven’t read the novel, so I don’t have any expectations for the adaptation to live up to.  IMO the trailer was pretty good!  It is rather dramatic but it builds up suspense more than the average c-drama trailer.  Then again, there are no subs so I didn’t fully understand what was going on.  >_<“”

Now that the trailer is out of the way, time for some picspamming!  All of the official Hua Xu Yin stills are already floating around out there, so instead I’m gonna share some other pics that I found.  There are tons of awesome Yuan Hong pics…….I mean, just LOOK AT THIS..




It is no secret that after Yuan Hong’s amazing performance as 13th prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin, I will forever be a Yuan Hong fan for life.  I love all of his fanpics and he has such a charming personality even off-screen. 


I think a lot of people will also jump at the casting of Kevin Cheng as the lead role of Mu Yan.  But a lot of fans of the original novel are not all too keen about this casting choice because he is not what they envisioned for the role. 


Even with the furs, Kevin can still look like a dashing prince, eh? *wink wink* 

It’s hard for me to find good pics of Kevin Cheng, who unfortunately, is the victim of poor costumes/hairstyle.  T_T””  There has been a lot of criticism over the drama’s costuming choices, and I quite agree.  I mean, it’s not like it looks horrendous but seriously, what have they done to Kevin with those blue bangs.  T_T””  The costumes overall could be much better, but that’s not everything in a drama.  Also, according to this article, the drama is still a high-quality production that has put a lot of effort into the setting & costumes of the drama. 


^Kevin & Lin Yuan, AKA Mu Yan and Princess Ye Zhen.  The drama synopsis makes Princess Ye Zhen sound like the main heroine, and yet the actress Lin Yuan is not really promoted in the drama stills and press conferences.  Instead, Kevin, Yuan Hong, and Jiang Xin are heavily promoted as the main cast. 


Jiang Xin totally wowed me in the Legend of Zhen Huan and I am really looking forward to another solid performance from her in Hua Xu Yin!  She is paired with Yuan Hong.  There is this one epic scene in the trailer where she battles with Yuan Hong.  EHEHEHE.  Some of Jiang Xin’s costumes look great, but others are not very flattering on her. So, here’s just this one beautiful still of her.  *w*

16 thoughts on “Anticipated c-drama: Hua Xu Yin starring Jiang Xin, Yuan Hong & Kevin Cheng

  1. Hi, thanks for the trailer. Actually I discovered your nice blog since BBJX days and do come back occasionally for a visit but just too lazy to leave a comment until I’ve a blog of my own, realising the hard work you’ve put thru:) Since you can’t really understand Mandarin, how to you watch Legend of Zhen Huan? Is there subs? I plan to watch it but still can’t find the time to do so.

    The novel HXY focus is on Ye Zhen but I suspect the drama will focus on Mu Yan. I think the drama will be very different from the book. It is good that you didn’t read the novel so you can view the drama independently. Otherwise you may need to vomit blood like me:( I know they spent a lot of money & effort in producing it but that doesn’t mean it will be good. Anyway, I will just wait and see but one thing I am sure is that the costumes look awful for everyone except Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin.

    • Hey nice to hear from you! That’s cool you have started your own blog! *w* Yes I watch the Legend of Zhen Huan with subs on viki. The subs aren’t great quality, but I make do with them.

      Ok thanks, yeah it seems like there will be less focus on Ye Zhen considering how Lin Yuan is not even promoted as a main cast member. LOL true, the money spent will not equal quality but I think perhaps the setting & action will at least be good. The costumes..not so much but the least they can do is have costumes that don’t look too tacky.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply & visiting my blog:) I just watched the trailer. I am quite sure the drama is rather different from the book which is such a pity. In the book, Ye Zhen & Mu Yan don’t know each other identity when they first met. When she jumped to her death right in front of Mu Yan, he doesn’t know he has met her before. He lamented fated not to meet, such a pity as he has heard good stuff abt her. This is so poignant & sad yet the drama is going the typical way that they knew each other before her death.

        Also, eventhough MY invaded YZ’s country, she has never blamed MY and is able to accept him. This is because she is rational & conscious that her dad is a weak king and has not been running the country properly leading to widespread dissatisfaction. Even if not MY, other country will do the invasion. It seems in the drama YZ will blame MY which is so typical of any other drama. Sorry for my rantings as only YH & JX parts in the trailer look good enough for me to watch.

  2. Yay! pretty trailer! 😀
    I am indeed confused by the plot… what did that cryptic last line in the trailer mean? “Could it be that I really am her?” –> who is who? O.O
    Are the plot lines of YZ + MY separate from the YH + JX one? I suppose it’s 2 love stories, connected by political situations.
    At least the CGI seems like it went up a notch from usual c-dramas 😛
    and gosh the blue bangs I feel bad for Kevin. he’s dashing, but the stylist is really screwing with him.

    • I know, the one line I could understand fully turned out to be one of the most confusing ones of all! Haha!

      I’m not sure, I don’t know how the storylines interweave at this point. T_T Yeah in the trailer, the CGI is visibly MUCH BETTER than usual!!!!! I was so happy that it actually looked good!!!

      • hahaha! XD still looks pretty good cant wait I hope YH + JX get more screen time :DD yes thank goodness for better CGI

    • Supposedly in the drama, Ye Zhen/Jun Fu losted her memory after she jumped off the wall. That line probably came from the scene where she gets her memory back?

      The novel is made of four separate short stories (or five, if you count JF&MY’s story). It’s similar to how xxxholic tell its stories, the two leads are the main connection between them.
      In the drama though, they linked the characters to make the story flow better. For example, instead of just being client-customer in the novel, JF and Song Ning (Jiang Xin’s character) are best friends in the drama.

      So far I’ve seen REALLY gorgeous promotion photos for the other characters and that definitely changed my perspective a bit!
      Check them out at the link below~ (it’s in Chinese, but just click on the topic links)

      • Oh! there are 5 sub-plot lines! so who are the other characters and plot lines besides JF/MY and the SN one?
        Yeah the stills are really pretty! That has gotten my expectations up, I hope it turns out good.
        Thanks for sharing what you know! I can read chinese so this is good 😀

        P.S. Is the book worth reading?

        • In the book, the plot lines are:
          1. Jun Fu/Mu Yan
          2. Song Ning/Shen An/Liu Qi Qi (I find this story similar to “little mermaid” -> not the disney one lol)
          3. Ying Ge/Jing Que/Rong Xun/Rong Yuan (about a pair of brothers and pair of sisters)
          4. Qing Jiu Jiu/Gong Yi Fei (a revenge story with a bit of fake incest) The story was cut from the drama because of the incest factor though. Personally, I think it’s one of the most tragic story in the novel.
          5. Su Heng/Mu Rong An (a story about a disciple and his master)

          Yes, if you can take tragedies, you should read it lol. Almost all the stories have a bad ending…SN and QJJ’s story made me depressed for days. Not really a book to re-read anytime soon. >_>

  3. Found your blog because I was searching for some help on all the different titles in The Legend of Zhen Huan and your blog popped up. I’m trying to watch without Eng subs since I want to improve my Mandarin but I have very little knowledge of anything but modern China. This drama looks really good as well, hopefully it will be released soon! I’m definitely going to subscribe to your blog to keep in touch with C-Dramas 🙂

    • Hi Kat! That is cool you are watching LZH to improve your Mandarin! I heard it is pretty hard because the way they talk is so complicated though. If you still need help with the titles, you might want to check out the wiki article on it. I think they have a list of the rankings in the harem.

      • Thanks for the tip! That helped a lot. Yeah, my friends think I am pretty silly for wanting to use a period show to improve. I like darker shows and this one fits the bill, maybe afterwards I’ll try to find a modern dark show haha.

        • Well at least there are also Chinese subs, so you can refer to those too! Probably a modern drama would be better for improving your Mandarin but I don’t think they are as interesting as the ancient dramas, hehe!

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