(Not So) Anticipated C-drama: Bu Bu Jing Qing

To post or not to post, that is the question.  I think Bu Bu Jing Xin is for sure, one of the most memorable dramas I have ever recapped, and one that I committed myself to for its full length.  The drama had a great magic to it and it is also the drama that really made me realize that I wanted to cover more ancient Chinese dramas on my blog.  At first I wasn’t even going to mention the sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing (because of all my apprehension about it!) but……I think it’s high time I finally talk about it, eh?


Let’s not even talk about the dreary promo character stills, which I am not including in this post because I’d like to pretend that they don’t exist.  Most of the other stills for the drama are also very serious and gloomy, and I’m sure most of you have seen them all dozens of times, so I’ve ATTEMPTED to pick out the more lively and pretty stills that caught my eye.

First of all, if you haven’t watched the trailer (or if you only watched it unsubbed) you might want to check out the English subbed trailer on viki.  I was confused when I watched the trailer unsubbed, and I was still confused when I watched it subbed but I think I at least have a basic gist of what is going on now. O_O””  I feel like the trailer tried way too hard to be all serious and dramatic by portraying a love story of revenge and fate.  Instead, it came across as forced and borderline-cheesy. T_T


I have had apprehensions about the sequel from the beginning; considering that only Nicky, Liu Shi Shi, and Ye Zu Xin (10th), and Annie are the only remaining original cast, things are bound to go wrong.  (I think Ruo Xi’s friend Yu Tao is also in the drama, but I’m not sure.  She is not a main cast member though.)  I don’t expect the sequel to recreate the exact same feeling of BBJX, but they should at least have some remnants of the awesome chemistry between the original cast!  AUGH!  Also there is no spark of life in the trailer at all. =_=


“You can’t come to my world to find me, then I will go to your world to find you.”

So let’s get to the cast members/characters.  Liu Shi Shi is playing twins (UGH NO…..); her main character is Zhang Xiao (Ruo Xi’s reincarnation) and the twin is Lan Lan.  Of course, Nicky is 4th’s reincarnation,Yin Zheng, a rich guy who is obsessed with getting revenge on the man who caused his father’s death.  He meets Zhang Xiao by accident fate, and although she loses her memories there is something that still connects the two of them.  In place of 8th prince we have Kang Si Han, yet another rich guy that is high on the corporate ladder and has an interest in Zhang Xiao/Lan Lan.  (I’m really confused about this character, don’t quote me on any of this.)  What becomes of this love triangle is what seems to be a very melodramatic love story and a struggle for the control of the company.  


Even though Nicky and LSS were amazing together in BBJX, they are not looking so great together in the BBJQ trailer & stills.  Something is different, something is off..it is like LSS has the life sucked out of her and Nicky is this revenge-driven guy that I can’t really root for.  Surprisingly despite my love of 4th prince, I found myself gravitating more towards the new guy Kang Si Han, he seems so sweet!  I really hope that they will not be totally biased towards Yin Zheng.  We all know Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao are gonna end up together anyways (THEY ARE FATED!!!) but that doesn’t mean Si Han shouldn’t be given a fair chance!


BUT OF COURSE, later Si Han will transform into a very bitter and manipulative guy who takes the company from Yin Zheng and forces Zhang Xiao to be with him.  Oh great.  He attempts to be like a bad-boy in the trailer but I’m not buying it.

On the other hand, I’m way more interested in his relationship with Annie’s character than I am in Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao’s storyline.  T_T”   I’m not sure about this but it seems Annie will later play Zhang Xiao’s twin, Lan Lan, except she has gotten plastic surgery (a huge stretch, I KNOW).  Ok, I can overlook the plastic surgery stretch as long as Annie can pull of this character.  (Which I have faith she can, here’s for hoping that her character is written well.)  I find Lan Lan to be very intriguing because she is driven by her dark past and her hope for a future, and she has a complex relationship with Yin Zheng & Si Han. 


Yeah, Annie is really the only one who managed to pull of beautiful character stills.  She actually looks like she has some life in her in most of her shots.  Also her scenes in the trailer drew me in.


^OHOHOHO so will Annie be vying for Nicky’s love too!?!?!?


And if all else fails, I have faith in our dear 10th prince.  He is adorbs.


23 thoughts on “(Not So) Anticipated C-drama: Bu Bu Jing Qing

  1. It does seem that the drama has darker revenge vibes. I totally don’t feel any romantic angst here anymore. I hope Nicky and Liu Shi Shi can still exude chemistry together like in BBJX. And Annie does seem like a character to watch 🙂

    • Yeah it feels like a melodrama to me. >_< I also hope that Nicky & LSS can make this drama worth the watch. I wish we could see them have a happy ending since they didn't get one in BBJX!

      • yeah. I hope they get their happy ending. I don’t know why but melodramas with period setting is more romantic but in modern setting with family feuds or whatsoever is just, annoying. I hope it just won’t be that for BBJQ. Maybe I’ll just watch an MV of the leads together. haha.

  2. I wish they’d gotten Lin Geng Xin (14th) to portray Kang Si Han instead. I’m not sure if it’s just me but the guy acting as Kang Si Han, looks a bit similar to Lin Geng Xin to me… just not as good looking or charismatic.

    On a side note, I notice that they didn’t dub the trailer, I do hope that they dub the show cos Nicky Wu’s squeaky voice makes it difficult for me to picture him as a reincarnated emperor.

    • THIS. I MISS MY 14TH ALREADY. 😥 If LGX was part of the cast, I would probably have higher expectations for BBJQ.

      I also hope they will dub the drama. I assume they will use the same voice actors that they used for BBJX?? (for 4th/Ruo Xi) Yeah in Nicky’s case, dubbing does wonders for him! 😛

  3. I so wish this could be awesome, I’m still missing the original! But… Nicky… the hair… who knew that his half-bald pate and queue and mini-stache would be a better look than that coxcomb of hair? And LSS… where did all the life go? I feel as if I’m watching something in which she’s playing an undead. Maybe BBJQ: The Afterlife series instead?

    • I think Nicky’s hair here looks better than in BBJX. But LSS…..T___T”” you’re right, she looks so lifeless!!! Maybe she was too tired from time traveling & all the tragedies that happened in the Qing Dynasty? >_<

  4. That…was a trailer on crack. I have NO idea what is going. Sigh. Still…I’ll probably give it a try and if it turns out too horrendous then drop it like a hot potato. Nicky is an amazing actor…but yeah, not feeling the reincarnation too much. Definitely the revenge obsessed person you hate. And lifeless LSS…well…Ruo Xi looked pretty lifeless by the end of the series, but to carry so much lifelessness throughout that entire trailer…WOWZA!

    • I think I need to quote you!! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will also try it out, so if it is bad I can confirm it and if it is somehow good….then I will be amazed!

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  6. I’ve never seen a modern Chinese series, so unlike you guys I don’t know the flaws of it and actually anticipate this one. Lol . I liked the ending they gave us in BBJX because at least I can imagine Yinzhen and Ruoxi are gonna cross paths again after he walks out of the museum, but I don’t mind a sequel at all! I’m just happy that I get to see Nicky and Cecilia on screen again. The trailer was confusing, you’d have to watch it at least 10 times ( like I did, lol) to understand. Although I anticipate this one, what I don’t like is that they made this sequel so dark and serious and…depressing! We had enough of that in the first one, we don’t need that in the next one. I want pure romance…with a drop of melodrama. Lol. They should’ve continued where they left off (because Nicky looked very lively), instead of going to the dark side, making Nicky all vengeful. Like you all mentioned, I don’t see life in any of the characters except 10th prince! There wasn’t much of Cecilia’s story in the trailer, so I’m thinking Nicky’s character is the central character.

    • LOL modern c-dramas..*shakes head* There are some ok rom-com c-dramas but usually they just feel average. And they usually have some horrible dubbing. T_T” I’m not expecting much from BBJQ but..maybe I’ll watch the very last episode just to see when Ruo Xi/4th finally get to be together in the modern world?

      If you are loving LSS and Nicky Wu together, you might also want to check out their upcoming c-drama (another period, but not Qing Dynasty) Incisive Great Teacher! The character stills for Incisive Great Teacher have already been released!

  7. I’ve watched Bu Bu Jing Xin and quite liked it (but maybe not loved it as much, because of the ending) -_-. The trailer seems to market the sequel as a melodramatic drama. I’m fine with melodramas as I’ve watched a couple of Korean ones and enjoyed them in the past. But Bu Bu Jing Qing seems to have an extremely outrageous plot. It’s so dark that it gave me chills down my spine. And what’s with that person coming out of a grave (I believe he looked like Kang Si Han??)? Just outrageous. But I’m also curious to find out whether the modern main characters (reincarnation of 4th Prince and Ruo Xi) will remember their past romance in the ancient times. So I’ll try and give this drama ago, although I won’t be expecting too much.

    //***Spoiler from Bu Bu Jing Xin’s ending, if anyone hasn’t watched it***\\

    At the end, I’m pretty sure the modern time Ruo Xi/Zhang Xiao Googled all of the princes after she woke up from the hospital which implied she had memories of her time in the Qing Dynasty. And when she was at the museum and saw someone who looked like the modern version of 4th Prince, she was crying which meant she remembers him. But how come in the sequel’s trailer they made Zhang Xiao amnesiac? *sigh* I’m so confused now. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂

    • I’m not very keen on BBJQ being a melodrama, it just makes it seem like they are trying too hard to make it all dramatic. T_T I am kinda curious as well to see if the modern characters will somehow connect to their past in the way they act or if they only have the same appearance? :/ I mean there would’ve been a lot of potential for a 2nd season but I feel like they probably won’t be taking advantage of all the possibilities. Instead it’s more like fan service.

      Yeah maybe Zhang Xiao remembers her time travel for only a little while and then forgets it all? :/ No idea how that’s gonna work out..

  8. I actually am willing to overlook any faults of the series for LSS and Nicky chemistry. They play a couple really well together I think. I am actually a Chinese speaker and even I was confused by the trailer and had to look up plot info to get the gist of it. I hope that the actual series is more comprehensible. I don’t know if I’ll like the new guy, just because Nicky will always be number 1 for me. That could change though! I would still watch the sequel, even if the promos don’t look too good.

    • I’m sure you must be happy to hear that LSS and Nicky are actually dating then! 😉 Ok, glad to know I wasn’t the only one confused during the trailer. O_O”” Hopefully the drama won’t be as confusing as the trailer, hehe.

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