Dragon Gate: Opening Theme Song MV

The updated version of the Opening Theme Song MV for the upcoming tw-drama Dragon Gate has just been released!!!  And it is so much better than the original version in the previews!!

The concept of the MV is that the four main characters are in a virtual-reality video game.  The virtual-game scenes are interspersed with some  short clips from the drama itself.  The MV looks really good although some of the fighting choreography is not all that fluid.

Opening MV

I’m super obsessed with Dragon Gate already (I really hope it’s gonna be good!!!!) so I just have to talk some more about the MV.  *W* Here are some caps of the four main characters:

(Note: I don’t know what the character names are yet. T_T”  I know it says the actors’ names in their little intro shots but I can’t actually read the writing.  So if anyone knows what it says (if it includes the character names) please let me know. >_<)

Chen Yi Rong


I pretty much took screen-caps during every second of this MV, especially since there are tons of awesome parts with Chen Yi Rong.  And omg, I love how Chen Yi Rong’s character is the one to ‘kick’ through the wall and start off the MV.  HEHEHE.  Plus doesn’t she look gorgeous with her long hair & that pretty dress!?!? *W*

Alice Ke


So, Chen Yi Rong is the fun and flirty one in the MV, while Alice is the strong and agile one.  I feel like she doesn’t have as good character shots in the video-game scenes but she has cool moments in the clips from the actual drama.  Surprisingly there aren’t any hints of her romance with Sunny’s character, although it does hint at her rivalry with Chen Yi Rong. 

Melvin Sia

I have a feeling that I’ll end up liking Melvin’s character better than Sunny’s.  For one thing, he’s the second lead so he’s already the underdog.  And I tend to root for the underdog.  Another thing is that I’m already bitter over how he’s not even in the promo poster even though he’s technically one of the main characters.  I feel like it would’ve been much funner with a love square rather than a love triangle.

Sunny Wang

There is this one part that I chuckled at–at the very ending of the MV, Sunny finds himself in the middle of Chen Yi Rong & Alice.  Then he looks up with what I suppose is supposed to be a serious, determined expression but instead it just looks like he’s scared.  HEH.

^Here’s some more of the pretty.  Obviously I’m a big fan of Chen Yi Rong hehe.  Dragon Gate will be airing on July 26th, 2013!!!  Can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Dragon Gate: Opening Theme Song MV

  1. Ooh I hadn’t heard about this one until you’d posted on it. The only actor I recognize is Sunny Wang, and I have previous nightmares from his tattoos lol, but this looks pretty cool! I love the actions sequences, I hope the girls get to kick as much as the guys in the drama.

    I think the characters names are Sunny Wang- Zhou Huaian; Chen Yi Rong-Jin Xiang Yu; Melvin Sia- Xiao Dao and Alice Ke as Qiu Mo Yu. At least that’s what I picked up from baidu.

  2. Hmm I might give this one a try. I watched a few episodes of Black & White ( 痞子英雄) and this kind of gives me the same vibe.

  3. I have been humming that song in my head all day, seriously. What is happening! btw which drama made you a Chen Yi Rong fan? Just curious… 🙂

    • Omg I know…..I have this song stuck in my head and it’s really not helping my impatience for the drama to start airing. Ahh!! >_< Well the first time I saw her was in Love Forward and since then I've been a fan of hers. :3

  4. I’m not familiar with either of the leading male characters. This does look interesting, so I might just have to take a gander when its out 😛 I do like Chen Yi Rong as she’s a good actress. I really liked her in Lavender. She’s changed so much since then because I didn’t recognize her at first in Love Forward.

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