Anticipated tw-drama: The Pursuit of Happiness starring Tony Yang and Sonia Sui


Yup, if the names Tony Yang and Sonia Sui don’t make you excited for this drama, then I don’t know what will. 😛  I kid, I kid.  Actually I’m a big Tony Yang fan ever since I saw him in Love Forward.  Also if any of you have seen The Fierce Wife, then you know how great of an actress Sonia Sui is.  I’m not too sure how Tony and Sonia’s chemistry will be together so I’m still a bit wary about that.  But I know for sure that these two are great actors so I’m also very curious to see how The Pursuit of Happiness will turn out.  Here’s the first short teaser:

Short Teaser:

Yeah, the teaser is so short that it doesn’t really do much to raise or lower my expectations about this drama.  BUT!  Those one-second glimpses of Tony are enough to make me want to see more!  I hope that there will be a preview from Tony’s character’s perspective.

^ Seriously, there are hardly any stills with Tony & Sonia together…urgh!  I think this is a BTS pic of them filming the opening MV.

Anyways, Sonia Sui plays the role of the heroine–Ji An Lei who has a stroke of bad luck and ends up losing her boyfriend.  Tony Yang plays the role of Huang Yi Kang, who is Ji An Lei’s new roommate and also coincidentally wants to win the heart of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.  Ji An Lei decides to help Huang Yi Kang win her ex’s girl. The two of them become friends but…we all know that they will probably end up developing feelings for each other, right? 😀

The synopsis sounds pretty typical.  It sounds like it could be fun but this kind of thing has been done before.  I think the drama will be mainly depending on a good script (PLEASE PLEASE LET IT BE GOOD) and the chemistry between Tony and Sonia.  I know the two of them have the acting chops but they need a good script to work with, not some half-baked writing.  Actually, just from the title alone, I thought that the Pursuit of Happiness would be a human or a slice-of-life drama but…it seems like it will turn out to be…another rom-com.  I really hope that it won’t be ‘just another rom-com’.  We’ve had enough of those lately.  =_=


The Pursuit of Happiness will be airing this October!! Super soon, eh?  I’m not sure what the promo team is thinking considering that there’s only one or two months left before it starts airing and yet…the stills that they’ve released so far aren’t that great and there’s only been a couple 10 second teasers and one 40 second teaser.  Usually Taiwanese dramas have a lot of promotion through social media but so far The Pursuit of Happiness hasn’t.  Come on, give me some more stills of Tony!!! 😉

So, do you think Tony and Sonia can have good chemistry together?  Do you think this will be just another rom-com or will it do something different?  I will be updating (either this post, or writing up a new one) once new previews and stills are released, stay tuned!

*Update: 11/12/13 – I am 5 episodes into The Pursuit of Happiness and totally loving it, hands down my favorite fall drama of 2013!!!  You can check out my reviews  here.

16 thoughts on “Anticipated tw-drama: The Pursuit of Happiness starring Tony Yang and Sonia Sui

  1. Okay so I basically didn’t look at the plot, just the two actors together got me excited! Although I haven’t seen Sonia in anything, she is gorgeous and Tony is one of the few taiwanese actors I unconditionally love 😀 So yep I think I will be onboard with this one (as long as the story doesn’t dip in melo like all the cdramas I’ve seen lately -_-)

  2. ohh so this is going to follow “A Good Wife”??? Looks like TTV is putting out some good dramas at the moment. 🙂 But then I have to finish A Good Wife first! ><

    • Oh so is A Good Wife not finished airing yet? By the way I also want to watch A Good Wife. I watched the beginning of ep1 subbed but am hoping for subs for the rest of the drama. Anyways even though I only saw that one part I think A Good Wife could be one of the best and most underrated tw-dramas of the year. I guess I will have to watch more to know for sure though!

      • No it hasn’t! Another 4 eps to go I think. I was hoping to marathon and catch up but don’t have time for it either. >< I saw the first four episodes and really liked it but I'm not sure I want her to go down the 'possible cheating' line. It's getting great reviews so maybe it'll be nominated for awards this year?? More people will definitely know about it then!

        • I think the main point about the drama is the possible cheating so I think it is inevitable. I’m not sure how exactly the drama will handle it though. It’s also interesting how the Taiwanese title is about how she’s fallen in love with someone else, but the English title is “A Good Wife”. So maybe she will end up not cheating on him?

          • Yeah… in the beginning I wanted her to go for it! But then one scene changed my mind. >< Christopher Lee is that good. Once they showed things from his point of view I felt kinda sad for this marriage and wish they would work out. argh. All the emotions!

  3. It looks really good and well-made. I’ve seen alot of Taiwanese drama that look poor in production. This one looks better. I really love both of the leads and I’m actually surprised at the pairing as I would never imagine those two being pair together for a drama. I hope the chemistry is sizzling and the storyline won’t head towards rom-com. I kind of want to see a serious Taiwanese drama that tackles real-life situations such as The Fierce Wife. Looking forward to this drama. 😀

    • Yeah the synopsis makes the drama sound like a rom-com, but the preview looks much more toned down than a rom-com. So I’m not sure how the drama will portray the story, hopefully it will have a more serious tone to it.

  4. Does anybody know is there any fanclubs of Tony Yang in Singapore?? He’s also acting in a movie called Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast. Wanna know if there are any fans out there interested to go for the fan meeting in singapore??

  5. Kyaaa! Tony! *drools*.
    I agree that the combo of good actors (which we have!) and good script is the BEST. But I don’t mind suffering for this 2! I think this 2 will carry the story very nicely whatever condition the script is in.
    Wow, your synopsis… for awhile, I was under the impression that they were already together at the beginning and keep breaking up and getting back together kind of plot…
    And come on, in real life, there’s no such things we a hot roommate as hot as Tony and NOT FALL FOR HIM! XD
    p.s.: that’s so funny, them wearing shirt with each other faces! XD

    • I knew you would come and find this post someday!!! 😛 HUHUHU I’M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS DRAMA! And YES LUCKY HER…HAVING TONY AS A ROOMMATE!!!!!!!!!! (Oh wait…Ai Xing had Tony as a housemate in LF too O___O)

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