Woman: Ep 9

I’ve finally gotten around to watching episode 9 of Woman, and omg, it definitely blew me away.  Remember back in my episode 8 post when I talked about some things I’d like to see happen in Woman?  Well, one of those things happened and another one of those things is almost going to happen!  I’d say that’s some pretty good progress all in one episode!


^bottom left pic: Love that moment when we see Sachi turning to wave at Nozomi.

Sachi is quite the flawed character, which I only came to realize much more clearly through this episode.  But I think this is also the episode where I’ve enjoyed Sachi’s character the most.  To me she really steals the limelight of this episode because she has lots of great lines in all her scenes!  I think Sachi’s character is very subtle and understated–in her misery, her confliction, and her small bit of happiness at being able to spend time with her grandkids. It’s like she’s constantly having an inner battle between the burden she must bear–trying to ‘take responsibility’ for Shiori’s actions as well as bearing Koharu’s grudge after all these years–and the bits of joy that she gets from talking with Koharu and her grandchildren.

I love the scene when Sachi tells Nozomi about what Koharu was like as a child.  She says that Koharu used to want to find her ‘other self’ that was supposedly in a different dimension.  Now though, Sachi believes that Koharu isn’t searching for that alternate self any longer, because she has already found her purpose in life (the kids) and that she wouldn’t trade it for anything.  This really struck me because first of all, that’s pretty much the essence of Koharu’s very being.  I remember in one of the earlier episodes, Koharu says that she doesn’t feel like she wants to trade places with anyone and she doesn’t feel like it’s particularly hard to be a mom.  Erm I’m not wording it well but pretty much the gist of what she said is that she’s not some victim..she’s happy to be a mom despite her tough circumstances.  Also this scene made me realize that although I used to think that Sachi is always stuck in the past, Sachi actually does see Koharu for who she really is.  Sachi may dwell on the past a lot, but she still sees Koharu as a child who grew up to be a wonderful mother.


Another great scene–Sachi finds out that she is not a positive match to be a donor for Koharu.  😥  Sachi struggles to break the news but eventually quietly says that it didn’t work out.  Koharu brushes it off but obviously it is affecting her more than she’d like to admit.  The most heartwarming part of all is that Koharu and Sachi begin reminiscing about the past, which then turns into Koharu reminding Sachi that she will never forgive her for the rest of her life.  Koharu begins to lightly shove Sachi as she tries to elicit some reaction from her, but all Sachi does is say “yes” over and over again.  Koharu in her frustration tries to be angry but ends up crying out “mom” and breaks down sobbing in Sachi’s arms.  OMGGGGGG.  :'(((((((  How can this be both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time?


^top left pic: one of my favorite shots.  Love the lighting.

Well I have to say, I think Koharu and Sachi have made it past a big obstacle in this episode.  Koharu, finally genuinely calling Sachi “okaasan” for the first time…and Sachi, growing closer to the children and trying to reconcile with Koharu.  I bet that if you could ask the past me back when Woman first started airing, I’d probably be impatient to see some progress made in Koharu & Sachi’s relationship.  But now I know that the slow pace is everything.  It lets things builds it up to the point where finally seeing Koharu & Sachi break down boundaries is just so gratifying.

But Koharu has yet another obstacle to overcome–breaking the news to her kids.  At the end of the episode, Nozomi starts crying for seemingly no reason but then she asks her mom if she is sick.  Yep, I knew Nozomi would figure it out eventually because she is a very smart kid.  She obviously knows that the grown-ups are hiding something, and also she seems to have overheard parts of Koharu’s conversation with Sachi.  I can’t wait to see how Koharu will explain this to Nozomi.  Will she try to stretch her lies even more, or can she finally tell Nozomi the truth?  That being said, this ending scene is not quite a cliff-hanger because there is not enough tension built up in it.  But it really makes me want to watch ep10 NOW!  (no spoilers please, I haven’t watched it yet! >_<)


^OMG, Shiori isn’t wearing black!  And this is random but I really love her hairstyle in this episode.

As I said in the beginning of this post, one of the things I wanted to happen has finally happened–Kentaro finds out about Shiori’s hand in Shin’s death!!!  YESSSSSS, FINALLY!!!!!  This is another reason why Sachi’s character progresses so much too, since she tells Kentaro about Koharu’s illness and Shiori’s involvement with Shin all in one go.  Good job Sachi!

Finally Kentaro is not all oblivious and out of the loop.  I’ve always seen him as a funny idealistic character who always spouts out platitudes about reconciliation and family.  So I never expected him to be so firm and full of conviction when he finds out the truth about his daughter.  Kentaro quickly confronts Shiori about it and tries to talk some sense into her.  He says that she has to understand what she did wrong and she must atone for it.  He even starts talking about how he and the family must start working to help repay Koharu.  O___O  I find this surprising because usually Kentaro is all laid-back but now all of a sudden we see that he can get serious when he needs to.  In contrast to Sachi he is not gonna let Shiori off easily.  We have yet to hear the end of this conversation so I’m looking forward to seeing how Shiori will react to Kentaro’s pleas.

I feel like I say this almost every time I write about Woman but…this was such a great episode.  Omg.  I think Sachi and Koharu have finally reached some common ground; the next step is to see whether or not Shiori and Koharu can do the same.  Obviously Shiori will probably be the donor for Koharu.  Not sure how they will do this considering that Koharu hates Shiori’s guts and probably wouldn’t want to ask her.  I think Kentaro and Sachi might persuade Shiori to be the donor as a way to atone for Shin’s death.

Also I’m wondering if anyone knows what the rest of the songs are on the OST for Woman?  All I know is that the theme song is VOICE by Androp but..I’m not really interested in the theme song.  O_O  I want to find the instrumental tracks!

4 thoughts on “Woman: Ep 9

  1. Yay, another interesting review about Woman.You know,it is really to find an entry about this drama.I really love this ep, my favorite scene is when the dad confronts her daughter. I feel bad for Shiori ,so hurtful but so true. yeah, it is difficult but necessary, she can’t run away from reality anymore. But ep 10 is much more interesting ,really looking forward to reading your review.
    P/S: I totally agree with you about soundtracks , the theme song is so irrelevant with the theme of this drama that it is even not played every ep,lol.But the instrumental OST and Madoisen really slay me! I think I can cry when hearing it.Well,I suggest you can find it on d-addicts but it is quite heavy, and I think not many will seed

    • Thanks! There are a couple other blogs writing about Woman; other than that posts about Woman are very scarce. T_T It’s a shame because there aren’t many people watching Woman even though it’s such a beautiful drama. Also it’s hard to find people to talk about it with!

      In the Kentaro/Shiori confrontation scene, I like how at the end it suddenly lightens up when Kentaro accidentally falls into the lake. AHAHA. It was one of Kentaro’s few serious scenes and yet it suddenly made me laugh at the end! 😛 I think I feel worse for Shiori in ep10 than I do in ep9. Like you said I think it is more interesting in ep10 in terms of Shiori’s character development. I will talk about it later in my ep10 post though! 😀

      I know, I have no idea why they chose the song Voice to be the theme song. It feels really out of place in the rest of the OST. I love all the instrumental tracks. Especially the heavy ones, those are my cup of tea!

  2. I finished watching the whole series, and I think I have to differ with the choice of favorites. While many may consider Ep 10 or the finale as the best, I would like to say Ep 9 is my favorite! 🙂

    … and the scene where Koharu and Sachi finally let go of their mutual bitterness and previous ill feelings toward each other and hugged really tight for the first time in years is the most memorable. I remember my Mom who recently died, and the scene really affected me that I remained silent for a long time. How can people say TV dramas can’t move people to tears? They just have to watch the RIGHT show! LOL 🙂

    • After I watched ep10, I just gave up on choosing a favorite episode. I can’t even choose a favorite episode because they are all so great. I guess I could choose some favorite scenes though. The one where Koharu and Sachi hugged was one of them, for sure.

      I am sorry for your loss. 😦 Another person commented that watching Woman reminded them of their deceased father. So I think you are not alone in remembering your parent.

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