Heisui’s Thoughts: The Dramas I Won’t Shut Up About

Yup, you probably already know which dramas I’m referring to. 😛

I might as well resign myself to my fate, I have a few dramas that I won’t stop talking about.  Of course, there are dramas I’ve been obsessed with, dramas I’ve reviewed or recapped every single episode of…but then there are other dramas where I take it beyond the level of obsession.  Or I guess you could say, there are dramas that I’m so into that I can talk forever about them.  So of course I made up the excuse for this post so that I could talk just a littttttle bit more about them. 😉

Bu Bu Jing Xin


The first drama that I’ve experienced this phenomenon (LOL can I even call it a phenomenon? Dramatic much? :P) with is, of course, the c-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin.  This is the c-drama that I recapped entirely and totally loved to bits because of all of the handsome princes, the angsty storyline, and the beautiful costumes/set.  At the time I was totally obsessed and today it remains a very memorable c-drama.  Currently?  Well I will not rant on and on about the ‘tragic love story’ or what ship I was on for the love triangle.  I also can no longer say that BBJX is my top c-drama or the drama with the best quality costumes.  I can, however, continue to talk about how much I love certain characters (*cough* The princes. Forget Ruo Xi. *cough*), actors, or character relationships.  FOR EXAMPLE…

14th Prince / Lin Geng Xin –Oh yes, my second lead shipping still lives on even today.  AHAHAHA.  Now I don’t think about what could’ve been, or what would’ve happened if Ruo Xi fell for 14th but…….I will still talk to you about how AMAZING 14th is and how he’s my favorite prince.  Also wherever there is a blog post about Lin Geng Xin, trust me, I will be there to drop my obligatory “I LOVE LIN GENG XIN ❤ <3” comment.

14th Prince & 13th Prince Bromance –I know I know, 4th and 13th bromance is the main bromance and all but………something about the 14th & 13th bromance really gets to me.  I LURVEEEE THEM TOGETHER especially since they are on opposite sides (4th vs. 8th) but are still bros all the way ’til the end!


13th Prince / Yuan Hong –Now a regular follower of the Yuan Hong all-knowing fangirl Mookie so that whenever she posts about Yuan Hong I can go “YUAN HONG ❤ <3”.  I really think he was the most charismatic actor out of the cast for BBJX. (sorry Nicky!)

The O.S.T. / Three Inches of Heaven –I still listen to the BBJX soundtrack from time to time.  Listening to it brings back lots of memories from the drama in an instant.  “Three Inches of Heaven” is still one of my all-time favorite drama theme songs.

So, of course BBJX begs the question–what is it about this drama that makes me still able to talk about it so much?   BBJX is not the best drama in my book but there is something about it that makes it unforgettable to me.  It might be because of how emotionally invested I was in the characters and the story.  Or because of the sheer amount of time I spent writing and talking about this drama.  Or because it has a special place in my heart as the drama that got me into period c-dramas.  I don’t know!  Overall, I’d say that my initial obsession with BBJX has died down to the point where I am not thinking about it super often.  But my love of the characters and cast is still going strong.  That’s it–the effects of BBJX are still there…I’m still following the cast and BBJX news…(urgh) even after BBJX is over and doomed for a possibly horrible sequel.

The Legend of Zhen Huan


There’s no way I could write this post without writing about the Legend of Zhen Huan. This, my friends, is the drama that is the entire motivation for this post.  BBJX was the impetus of my love of period c-dramas.  But LZH is THE ONE.  It is the ultimate obsession!!!!  I probably won’t stop talking about or thinking about LZH for a really long time.  Even when I finish reviewing the very last episode (I will finish reviewing it…just not yet :P) I’ll probably find some other excuses to keep on writing about it.  There are so many little details in every single episode that I’m sure one could watch it over and over again and  never run out of new things to notice.

Here are some of the things I won’t stop talking about, ever, when it comes to LZH:


^Lots of pretty costumes!

The costumes –I’m not very knowledgeable about the Qing Dynasty fashions but I love to gaze at the gorgeous outfits and jewelry in LZH.  I guess only pictures will do the costumes justice since I can’t even describe them adequately.  Also if you look at the HD stills close-up you can see how much detail is in each robe and hairpiece.

The actresses –This is, after all, a harem drama and the male cast really paled in comparison to the female cast. The actresses stole the show!  Jiang Xin, Sun Li, and Lan Xi are my three favorites but there are plenty of other actresses I was also impressed with.  I guess the thing that really impresses me though, is that this drama didn’t cast lots of idols or popular actresses and it avoided blatant fan service for the fangirls.  Instead it chose actresses that may not have been as well known or as popular but they had the acting chops for their roles. No one did a half-baked job!

A few actresses that come to mind would be Yang Zi Yan (Jing Fei), Li Xuan Juan (Duan Fei), and Chen Si Si (Cao Gui Ren).  Yup, I didn’t even know who these actresses were before watching LZH and they still remain rather low-key.  But they all played their roles wonderfully even as side characters and I could empathize with all of them.

The beautiful O.S.T.–I also listen to the LZH O.S.T. although it tends to put me in a blue and mellow mood.  Unlike BBJX the theme song doesn’t make me instantly burst out into song.  Instead I just silently sit there and soak it in.

My favorite characters–I’ve acquired lots of favorite characters during my time watching LZH.  Hua Fei, Cao Gui Ren, Zhen Huan, Mei Zhuang, Jing Fei, Ning Gui Ren…….I probably spend most of my time talking about Hua Fei and Zhen Huan though.  Ok, actually I will cut this short before I start ranting about them all….


^Just with this picture alone, Hua Fei breaks my heart

So, I am often seen running around dropping a comment on any LZH-related post I can find “I LOVE LZH!” or becoming instant buddies with other LZH fans.  I am also continually luring people over to LZH if they haven’t seen it yet.  BWAHAHAHA. But the thing is….LZH is epic and even the word epic cannot do the drama justice.  No matter how much I talk about LZH, I find that in the end, I feel as though I’m at a loss of words for it.



Time to welcome my latest completed drama to this list–Woman.  Similar to the way I can’t find the right words to talk about LZH, it is also hard for me to express how I feel about Woman.  I think one of the measures of whether a drama is golden or not is whether or not it leaves you speechless after you watch it.  Woman passes that test.  It’s been over a week since the finale aired and I’m STILL speechless about it.

So why am I including Woman on this list if I can’t even talk about it a lot?  I think Woman is that priceless drama that will make me still want to talk about it years on down the line.  Of course there are dramas that I’ve ranted about a lot but will I want to rant about them some more later on?  Probably not.


The acting--Mitsushima Hikari.  Stunning performance, so much strength, vulnerability, earnestness all wrapped into one very admirable yet flawed character.  Her portrayal of Koharu has left a lasting impression on me, not just as a mother but also as a woman, a person.  Combine the awesomeness of Mitsushima Hikari with Tanaka Yuko and the brilliant child actress Suzuki Rio and you have yourself one very brilliant cast.

The O.S.T–I’ve listened to the Woman O.S.T. over and over again and I probably will continue to do so.  It makes me feel some heartache, some sorrow, but also some hope.


I think it’s kinda funny that one of the common threads between these dramas is that I listen to all of their soundtracks. O__O  I guess if I really like a drama, chances are I will also listen to its soundtrack!  Another common factor between the dramas I won’t shut up about is that they are all timeless and I have a lot of emotional investment in their characters.  Will I ever be able to stop talking about BBJX, LZH, and Woman…I guess time will only tell.

So are there any other dramas that you can’t stop talking about?  And if any of those dramas are the ones I mentioned in this post then…*nudge nudge* you and I can talk about them. 😛

24 thoughts on “Heisui’s Thoughts: The Dramas I Won’t Shut Up About

  1. Great post! I have yet to watch my first Taiwan produced drama, or Mainland for that matter but have watched a lot of Chinese movies. The costumes of the first 2 dramas you mentioned are awesome! I’m also interested to learn more of Chinese history, so I’m planning to start watching one of the 2 above, any suggestions for a Chinese-Taiwanese drama newbee? Love to hear from you about this! 🙂

    • Well actually from what I’ve heard, BBJX/LZH are not the best dramas to watch for historical accuracy. In fact a lot of period c-dramas are not very historically accurate. >_< LZH has much better acting and quality but it's also harder to watch than BBJX. BBJX is more like a period rom-com because it has very shippy OTP's..so it is a much easier watch.

      Hmmm as for modern tw-dramas or c-dramas, I mainly know of rom-coms. If you want an action/detective one you might like Black & White.

  2. This is my first C-drama,so emotionally charged. Y_Y I’ve watched a lot of series but after watching this I couldn’t enjoy others now; I’m series-hopping, I dropped a lot after first 3-4 episodes. It’s so gorgeous well-written. After a while, I thought I moved on and thought that “Wallace Hou series” would do it but it didn’t ‘___’ (cause he’s too gorgeous and all).

    Thanks for reviewing others series!
    I’ll check them out!
    Let me know if you have anything similar with BBJX. =)

      • 🙂 Same here Heisuiii… Sorry that I have been a lurker lately… 😦
        Still struggling to stay with my dad at the hospital..
        It’s day 47 and I am still surviving..
        Take care girl!

        • Omg I noticed you have been gone for a while but I didn’t know what you are going through with your dad. 😦 I will pray for you and your dad, let me know how he is.

          • He is still in a Coma.. He has been very ill since August 10, 2013..
            I am hoping that he will recover soon…
            I am watching Zhen Hua while waiting for him at the hospital.. Right now is up to Episode 18…
            I still like BBJX much more than Zhen Hua 🙂

          • I am sure your being by his side at the hospital really means a lot to him. Fighting!

            Hehe I think BBJX would be more of an uplifting drama for you right now…whereas ZH is much more depressing. >_<

          • I love drama where there’s an OTP.. I don’t think ZH has one.. Will ZH fall in love with 17th Prince?
            I am hoping so since he’s the most handsome character now.. hehehe

          • *spoiler* Yes, that is where ZH differs from BBJX. There is a main OTP in BBJX but not so much in ZH. You guessed correctly, but it is not the kind of OTP that makes you ship them a lot.

          • Noted.. In my guess, at the end.. The Emperor will hate her for falling in love with 17th Prince and ordered someone to kill 17th Prince. Thus, ZH will also hate the Emperor and makes her revenge…
            Probably, ZH will change to become fearless towards the end… It’s only my guess though but I am hoping that things wouldn’t turn up so depressing.. 🙂

  3. Heisui hey! I feel like you’ve been quiet on my end so I figured I’d just drop in a hello! Hope all’s well your end 🙂 Read this and remembered you’d recommended Woman to me (I’m on a drama hiatus funk now, blegh) – homg totally putting it in my list now!! It totally sounds like my cup of tea ^_^

    • HII Jan! Haha well actually I’ve been lurking on your posts lately. >___>” I’m still here though! Yup I finished watching Woman and it was so worth it! Really an excellent drama. 🙂

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