Anticipated c-drama: Hot Mom starring Sun Li

I’m sure all of you remember Sun Li from her amazing performance as Zhen Huan in The Legend of Zhen Huan.  Well, she’s back again, this time in an upcoming modern c-drama “Hot Mom”.  LOL at the title…but the drama is literally about a ‘hot mom’.  Sun Li is playing the heroine, Xia Bing, who is a flamboyant and adventurous woman in her late 20’s.  She doesn’t want to get married or have kids yet, but those plans are shattered when she discovers she is pregnant.

Take a look at the trailer first:

HD trailer

I think the trailer is a lot of fun and it definitely shows the heroine’s crazy and fun side.  Obviously Hot Mom will be more of a humorous drama, showing how Xia Bing as a first-time mother learns to raise a child.  The longer trailer versions show some other details–her encounters with her ex, her funny moments with her husband-to-be, and her dilemma between her job and her child.


Also, as you can see, Sun Li is still rocking her short haircut, this time with a perm that looks..crimped..and she still manages to pull it off.  She is also wearing the most loud and daring outfits in the trailer….and she looks great.  HOW DOES SHE DO IT!?!?!? O____O  Anyways I think it will be interesting to see how Sun Li tackles this role in comparison to her role as Zhen Huan.   How will Sun Li show the different layers and nuances of her new character Xia Bing?  Also MING DAO will be starring as her ex-boyfriend (darn it, I wish he could star as her husband!) and omg, even in just the trailer alone, he is already exuding his usual charm.  I so want to see how Sun Li and Ming Dao’s chemistry is!!!



At this point it is hard to tell whether Hot Mom will be that typical rom-com that glosses over everything with the drama stereotypes, eye candy, and high fashion. *cough* SOP QUEEN, SOP QUEEN II, TINY TIMES *cough*  (I am SO NOT BITTER. 😛 )  I’m really hoping that Hot Mom will go beyond the drama tropes and give us something new.  Sun Li’s character, Xia Bing is a lot of fun and a hoot to watch but hopefully the drama will also show us her more serious side and also address the more serious issues of motherhood.   All in all, I will be checking out this drama out of curiosity and my love of Sun Li and Ming Dao.  Not a big fan of dramas with babies/kids but who knows, it might turn out to be good! 😀 *crosses fingers*


^ Sun Li = gorgeous.

10 thoughts on “Anticipated c-drama: Hot Mom starring Sun Li

  1. HAHA Wtf her hair omg!! this looks like fun XDDDD

    on a side note, for so many years I have never been able to fathom the attraction of ming dao… T_T

    • I know right? That was my first reaction but then I was all “what the heck, she even looks good with that hair!”

      I didn’t understand why people liked Ming Dao either..until I realized he has a great stage presence.

      • IMO, I think she chose this project partly because she is sick of being asked about ZHZ and wanted to change her image. ZHZ fever has been burning for quite some time and I think she got sick of being asked about it. I saw a video a while back with her being asked about ZHZ at the airport and she was like “OMG… don’t even start…” To tell you the truth, I’d probably be sick too and feel almost like the role of Zhen Huan is taking too much out of her as a person.

        • Yes I think her role in this drama is an attempt at an image change, which I welcome. It will be cool to see her diversity in roles. I think maybe as an actress she might also have a lot of feelings attached to Zhen Huan’s character that she wouldn’t want to relive/be reminded of.

          • That’s true… but I think Sun Li is more of a personal person too… you get that feeling from some of the interviews she does. She likes her space. Not blaming her but that’s how she is. She has clearly defined borders between what is hers and her job and everything. Compare her with Jiang Xin for example and you will see a difference. Jiang Xin is a bit more willing to entertain fans, joke around, and be a bit chummy with them. There’s a very distinct line with Sun Li. Therefore, with the way publicity blew over on her after ZHZ, I feel she’s kinda peeved/annoyed with the sheer volume of it all.

  2. It’s absolutely funny yet cynical and logic in many ways… WOW the power of women is really reflective of how we live today, at least for me , it’s very true… Xia Ping , you are truly a marvellous actress. Jia You!!👍😉😬☺

  3. A couple of words of appreciation for Sun Li from a guy who doesn’t even speak mandarin. I have been enjoying Nothing Gold Can Stay. I will watch it again in 10 years to see how much more I understand. I love this actor’s vivaciousness and spontaneity. I will watch more of her works after NGCS. I did see some of Hot Mom! Will watch it again. p.s. do you also love Bai Baihe too? Medicine has been a big part of my life and I loved Grow Up and Surgeon’s Story. Scott

    • Hello, I also checked out the beginning of Nothing Gold Can Stay. Sun Li’s humorous scenes had me cracking up. I actually haven’t seen Bai Baihe’s dramas.

  4. Hey Heisui, thank you for the reply to my comments. I think a fun introduction to Bai Baihe is Monster Hunters (if you haven’t seen it already). I think she is a talented comedian as well as serious actor. What is nice is that both Sun Li and Bai Baihe can sing!

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