Liu Shi Shi & Nicky Wu are…dating? (Yes, it’s official.)

You might be surprised I am posting about this since actually I don’t think I have ever posted about the dating lives of any actors or actresses.  But wow, after hearing this news today (many other bloggers were buzzing with the news, hehe) how could I not write about it?

Both Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi went public with their relationship on November 11th on both of their Weibo pages.  They posted the following picture along with some simple yet cute comments about their relationship.


^Why isn’t the picture bigger, darn it! 😛

I will always be fond of Liu Shi Shi & Nicky Wu for their performance in Bu Bu Jing Xin.  Of course they left lasting impressions on me with Ruo Xi & 4th.  But beyond BBJX, I have never thought they would get together in real life.  Actually there are tons of real life shippers for the ships of LSS x Yuan Hong (HongShi) and LSS x Hu Ge (ShiGe) so I guess it is not a surprise that maybe there are also some LSS x Nicky real life shippers out there.  I’m pretty sure that Nicky & LSS’s announcement crushed the dreams of many RL HongShi/ShiGe fans out there.  As for me I don’t really know what to think of the news, I am so surprised and it is almost weird to look at them together and having to remind myself that they are actually in a relationship off the screen too. O_O  I am curious to know when their relationship started, during or after BBJX?


There are some incredible LongShi shippers out there who are going crazy with all of the GIF & photo evidence of their relationship now. 😛  Basically a lot of them are looking back at past LSS & Nicky moments and pointing out, AHA! THERE IT IS!

^ I think it must take great devotion to the LongShi ship to have found this one small detail in this awards ceremony, LOL.  For those of you who only see that Nicky is holding her hand, actually LSS gives his hand a little squeeze in return.

Just more cute LongShi joking around during an interview.

^Something from BBJQ

Sources: Cfensi , MookieHyun,  Liu Shi Shi & Nicky Wu’s Weibos, Lingguu (GIF’s)

30 thoughts on “Liu Shi Shi & Nicky Wu are…dating? (Yes, it’s official.)

  1. My exact thoughts, I’m not sure what to think of the RL pair, I guess my ShiGe shipping heart broke a little, and I just started liking her with Yuan Hong too…oh well I guess whatever makes them happy. …mmm I just hope there isn’t going to be a sleuth of dramas coming up with just the LongShi pairing.

  2. Oh my oh my.. Yey!!!!! My dream is coming true…
    They so belong together —- I am sorry to the Hongshi and Shige fans.. But come on.. These two just have the most “real” chemistry ever.. 🙂
    O yey! I can’t wait to start watching BBJQ… Now, I am going to google some more about this news..
    I hope it’s not just a promotional news to get a higher rating for BBJQ…

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  4. I started BBJX finally. Just finished ep 11 and Ahhhhh I’m panicking bc I so ship her with 4th prince. I’m going to die before I finish this drama, I just know it. And this news does not help!
    Loving it so far though.. 🙂

      • hi heisui in BBJX do u remember the 10th prince ? the one that married the wily sister
        of 8th prince’s wife. He is the boyfriend of Jiang Xin – Hua Fei in Legend of Zhen

          • I too most surprised to know it, thought Jiang Xin would pair with more handsome guy. If you go to the Chinese website weibo, there are lots of information who’s with who. Qi Pin (the one that accuse Zhen Huan having affair with DR Wen) is actually dating Dr Wen in real life but they didn’t announce it officially.

  5. I saw that you aren’t covering any c-dramas right now. A good c-drama that I like is Journey to the West 1996. You should try it out its really good.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I’m not sure if I will start reviewing any historical/period c-dramas soon; maybe I will start reviewing some current modern ones. >_<

    • Wow! Is that the TVB Dicky Cheung one? If so, then I’m a fan, too! I remember re-watching it recently and felt that the beginning was a little slow, but Dicky’s acting is superb. There are no words. I remember thinking that the comedic chemistry between the cast is also one of the best I’ve seen. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched it, so I can’t say for sure that I would feel the same about it. The only thing I can say for sure is that Dicky’s emotional scenes, gosh, there are no words! I mean, not just his emotional scenes, but everything about that role he played!

      A pity they decided to go with a different actor in part 2. They had more jokes in part 2 as well, would have been more funny if Dicky took on the role. I consider this one of the biggest tragedy in TVB’s casting history!

  6. Hi so you’ve found out my LongShi craze… *cough* I kinda went a lil crazy on Tumblr, am forever indebted to who is the most awesomest nicky wu stan XD
    When this ship sailed, I died and died and died yeahp still recovering not sure when I’ll move on with life or maybe I wont and just hang around weibo all day the recent c-ent news has gotten me into the habit of checking weibo and it’s uber fun just cus chinese celebs seem like really awesome, humorous, normal people in a very approachable kind of way I love it, it’s so diff from other celebs.
    but the gifs, nicky and shi shi are sooooo cuuuteee right?

    • AHAHA emsterz I was taken aback at first because it’s been a while since I visited and then BAM there were all of your LongShi posts. I didn’t know you were such a big LongShi fan! 😀 I bet you are happy that they are OFFICIAL now! And omg, those GIF’s are the cutest thing ever!!! I’m gonna add them here! 😀

      • haha it took me like 3 whole days to process yeapp I dunno how to say it but like BBJX was the drama of my life? even though it’s not the best, but it’s like the drama that brought me back to dramas in general, and to Chinese culture as well. Because of it I started to read chinese books and stuff, so yeah they just mean alot. XD

        • Lol I take it that you went through a state of shock after you found out? 😛 Hm for my BBJX is the first c-drama I actually recapped in entirety and it also got me into watching other period cdramas too. Good memories!

  7. I can just imagine the euphoria among their shippers! I’m happy for them in the sense that I’m a shipper too but of different ships, and it must be so exciting to have your shipper dreams come true lol

    • I know right? Actually I think more fans were rooting for Hu Ge & Yuan Hong than for Nicky. But who knows, maybe the fanbase for LongShi is growing now that it is OFFICIAL!

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