Heisui’s Thoughts: Happy Holidays & Looking back on 2013

Hello everyone, whether you are a regular reader or an occasional visitor or  maybe even a new reader, I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful happy holidays AND a happy new year that is just around the corner.  Really, I don’t want to think about how 2013 will be ending soon but we all know that the new year’s will come before we know it.  The end of the year always forces me to reflect on my year. My blog has become more and more of a precious space to me.  I feel that my blog is a space that I have made ‘mine’.  And it is not only my space but also a space I get to share with other people.



I know I say this a lot, but yes I always feel so grateful that I have gotten to talk to so many people from all around the world, all because of this space that we all share & our common interests (DRAMAS!! DRAMAS!! DRAMAS!! 😛 ).  It still boggles my mind when I think about how I can talk to someone who is so far away and yet we can both connect over one simple thing.  I think this year, I have become more aware of this than ever as I have come to enjoy talking with so many drama fans everyday.  🙂  I even got to venture out to write my very first personal post in which I told people more about myself.  That was a big step for me, hehe.  So really, I would like to give a big thank you to all of the readers and particularly those who comment on my posts, it really encourages me and makes my day when I get to see that my blogging is not in vain!  😀

Anyways in terms of progress I’ve made in my actual writing….well, unlike NeeNee@Asian Addicts Anonymous, I don’t think I’ve recapped tons of dramas this year. Actually I haven’t even tried to count to see how many dramas I’ve watched or dropped or reviewed. =_=”  I will have to attempt that once I get started writing my end of the year reviews, hehe.  My big accomplishment of the year though, is for sure completing my reviews for my longest ever & most favorite c-drama, The Legend of Zhen Huan.  Just to put it into context, I started my reviews for this drama in 2012 and only finished it in the fall of 2013.  So I’d say it is quite the feat, haha!  Another thing I’m proud of is my new Heisui’s Thoughts series because I feel I am trying to diversify my posts more and think of more interesting topics to write about.  It is fun to write about just drama-related/drama-blogging topics in general apart from the usual reviews!  😀

Also, I think a big thing to think about–for all drama watchers–is how your taste in dramas has changed over this past year.  You may not think that your taste in dramas has changed at all (and..maybe it hasn’t, who knows) but whenever I look back on my year I can see how my preference in dramas has slightly shifted or what I am leaning towards more.  I feel like I’ve increased my expectations of dramas more and more, as in after the amazing c-drama The Legend of Zhen Huan I now hold other period c-dramas to that standard.  What has LZH done to me!?!??!  As for jdramas, I am also gravitating towards those jdramas with a dark tone and a more serious view of life.  It’s kinda hard to describe but I guess I like the jdramas where everything is not overdone or the characters are not cut out to be superhumans that everyone wants to be like, you know what I mean.  I still like spazzy rom-com dramas too, but I feel like lately my mood has influenced my preference in dramas, thus my need for a more serious drama.


^Christmas time in Nobuta wo Produce!!  Akira with reindeer antlers!!!

Header presents

Kat @ Drama Pot


Misscupcakees @ A Fairytale World



Neenee @ Asian Addicts Anonymous

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Anne @ Everything about love is here

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Redbeanmochi @ Give Me Dramas

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Kaa & Mina @ In Between Dreams


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52 thoughts on “Heisui’s Thoughts: Happy Holidays & Looking back on 2013

  1. Awwwww, you sweetie! (: Ahahahaha, I always like this end-of-year stuff because it gets me to think a lot! I too, am very glad with what my blog has done to me! Hehehe!

    Since you are offering up such a brilliant present, I would like to take you up on your offer since my photoshop skills are non-existent. My dimensions are 980 X 250. I would love to have one of TPOH, preferably of Yi Kang. Hehehe!


  2. Merry Christmas to you too! 😀 I completely understand your feelings about being able to connect with people from so many different backgrounds, and from so many different places, and yet we seem to be very much alike in terms of our love for dramas. I’m happy I got out of my shell this year and interacted with awesome drama bloggers like you! Thanks for all the comments xD

    I know you specialize in C-drama’s and J-drama’s…The one with Janine Chang looks interesting. Hopefully after finals I can kick up my feet and bask in all the glory of dramas during my break. I’m delighted that you want to take the challenge of making a header for your blogger friends! I find making headers to be an excruciating process so I don’t want to put you through that! I’ll take the very fact that we shared our love for dramas like Heartless City (woot woot!) as your Christmas gift.

    Also, I hope you get the time to tally up all the time you’ve spent watching dramas this year. You’ll be shocked by the number. lol

    • Thank youu. Ah the one with Janine turned out to be not that great IMO. >_<"" Hehe actually I usually make headers pretty quickly. I think you put a lot of care & effort into the images you use on your blog though, thus the 'excruciating process'. LOL do I even want to know how much time I spent on dramas this year?? 😛 If I figure it out I will most likely keep it a SECRET.

      • Lol that is a very true..I take a lot of time with my images. Since you say you can make it quickly, how about giving it a whirl for me then. My headers are 980 by 150. Surprise me and good luck!
        Oh darn, the drama sucked. I’ve been waiting for a good C-drama..or is it T-drama. To be honest, I don’t know the difference ._. And lol, noo don’t keep it a secret. I think it works backwards in the drama world. The more you watch, the more we celebrate! HUZZAH!

  3. Oh, I shudder at contemplating the year-end review, though I have tackled that a bit in my very brief drama review. 😛

    Happy holidays! I can’t believe this year is nearly over. I am also amazed at how many new people around the world I have managed to connect this year with thanks to Asian dramas…more so on Twitter of all places, not that I use that too often. I feel very blessed for this community and I agree, we are here making our own spaces for ourselves that we can share with others. 🙂

    I wouldn’t belittle your headers, they are getting better and better and are definitely much better than my own. You have such pretty and artsy ones. One day I will actually put time and effort to come up with a good one. Or…I can force my friend nichan to shake off her rusty art skills. Since you have offered, AAA’s header dimensions (for now) is the rather odd 1140×200. 😀 and I don’t have any particular leanings for who, so go to town 😉

    Looking forward to the new year blogging with you and congratulations on your milestone with LZH! I’m proud of your dedication and hard work. I’m not sure I ever commented on those posts, but I did follow them and I’m girding myself to maybe tackling watching the drama in the new year.

    • *update* somehow my comment got cut off. T_T” Anyways, yeah I don’t really want to think about my end-of-the-year reviews at the moment. =___= They take a long time and sometimes I even forget what dramas I’ve watched. (LOL) And wow I didn’t know you were reading the LZH reviews. I hope they were easy to understand even if you did not know the storyline. As I said on your end-of-the-year post I think the memorable jdramas I associate with you since we watched through some of them together. Yay!

      Ok I will think of what to do for your AAA header(s). Am tempted to do an xxxholic one or maybe Utada Hikaru….. *W*

  4. btw… keep your eyes on Cfensi… I’ve been trying to make history-related posts for Cfensi, partly because I was inspired by my conversations with you, so… Maybe you’ll be getting an X-mas present too… depending on how things work out… XD

    • OMG, what happened to my comment? I don’t know why it got cut!

      So I was saying, before WordPress rudely cut me short :
      I’m so happy I got to talk to you this year. Even if we often don’t watch the same dramas (but thanks to your influence, I now check with much more attention some taiwanese dramas! :P) I still enjoy reading your posts.

      You already made some headers for our blog (and I’m so thankful for that, by the way) but if you have time (and ideas) I’d welcome a christmas present anytime! 😉 (Sorry I can’t reciprocate this though, since I don’t know how to make headers…but one day, I’ll learn! ><)
      Take care! =)

      • Moi je suis aussi heureuse que je pouvais parler avec toi cet annee!!! 😀 Ton blog est tres bon, j’aime tes reviews! (sorry no accents I don’t have my keyboard with the accents right now) Bien sur, si j’ai le temps pendant mes vacances d’hiver, je vais faire un header pour toi et mina~

  5. Omg i love Nobuto wo produce!

    I feel like my taste in dramas had changed to! I started watching J-dramas first, and then i started watching K-dramas. But I still love J-dramas! I watch Rom-Com to, so if u find any serious dramas can you tell me? Pleassee!!! I’m in serious need of a serious drama 🙂

    • Hm what kind of serious drama do you have in mind? Like…sad serious or just serious or..? I think xxxholic was one of my favorites from this year, I’m not sure if you’ve already seen it or not. >__< It is not SUPER SUPER serious but it has a darker tone to it.

      • Like, a serious romance…romance is a big thing for me. I have seen so many dramas so if you have any suggestioins that would be nice! it doesn’t even have to be serious, just something you think is amazing

        • Hm for a bit more serious one there is Saikou no Rikon. It is also kinda funny. Or for a lighthearted one there is the new version of Itazura na Kiss that aired this year. 😉

  6. Happy Hols and Merry Xmas to you dearie!!! (I’m high on coffee at the moment, forgive me haha) I’d love to get a header hehe, but I don’t want any actors/shows on mine, just a simple or artsy kind or better yet – how do you interpret me (and/or blogphilic) and have the background reflect that. My sister did a few for me last time and I used to put them up (she had me flying or something, and always with my lamb Mel (inside joke)) haha but I think I’ve long abandoned them and my repeated requests to her are left unfulfilled (sadface). Not a biggie if you don’t do one, but I figured I’d just ask since you mentioned it here ehehe. In return I can do something for you too, if there’s something you’d like from me 🙂 (although the art stuff – I can’t do any of that unfortunately… writing something totally works though :D)

    PS It’s been a great blogging year for me for sure cos you found my space, which led me to finding you and everyone else!

    • Thankies!!! Hmmm I think I need me some coffee too! I don’t even remember how I found your blog…….O_O I think someone else I was following was following you and so that is how I found you. Hehe I am glad I followed your blog for part of this year. I feel like I’ve gotten to accompany you on some of your journeys just by reading your posts!

      What size are your headers? Ok by artsy do you mean drawing (like your cute drawing pics that look kinda watercolor-y) or could it also include pics (but not of ppl/dramas..I mean like..nature or something)? This will be interesting I wonder what I will come up with

      Well I would’ve totally requested one of your cute watercolor-y pics but..HMM..if I think of anything writing related I shall let you know. :3

  7. Happy Holidays!!! 🙂
    Ooooooooooo a header?? (Yes please! *fistpump*) My theme uses an 252 x 885 pixel header (though mine’s not in use :/). Go crazy! If you dunno where to start though, I love food (heh…any kind of mochi)…chen bolin, black and white, ivy chen… 😀

  8. Hey there,

    Thanks so much on your reviews on LZH…totally enjoyed reading them and learning so much more the discussions from the other responses.

    Have a blessed holiday and all the best for 2014. Will come visiting once a while especially for the C-dramas.

  9. Hi Heisui! Sorry I just saw your message on my Tumblr, I’m in Spain now with my family xDDDDD HAPPY HOLS TO YOU!! I’m so so happy to have found you and all these drama blogger friends <3333 I hope 2014 will be a good year for all of us. And we should watch some drama and spazz together soon! Which reminds me, I'm supposed to start on TPOH… Anyways, love you.

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