Anticipated j-movie: Kuroshitsuji (Live Action) starring Mizushima Hiro


Lately I feel like we’ve had a lot of good luck when it comes to live action adaptations–just look at Rurouni Kenshin & xxxHOLiC!  So of course I also have high expectations for the upcoming movie Kuroshitsuji, which is set to air in 2014!  Admittedly I didn’t watch the anime/read the manga so I can’t really compare the live action to the original.  But I am very excited about Mizushima Hiro’s comeback for this movie (he has been on hiatus for a while)!  He is playing the lead role of the butler, Sebastian, while the actress Goriki Ayame is playing the role of Ciel.  Not too excited about the casting of Goriki Ayame as I feel other actors could’ve definitely fit the role much better.  Goriki Ayame is still a relatively new actress and I doubt her screen presence will match up to Mizushima Hiro’s.  Also the character of Ciel is a boy, not a girl. O_O”  Kinda a large discrepancy there, although I guess they are going for the androgynous look for Goriki? :/

Anyways the trailers look great so far, can’t wait for this movie to air! 😀 For fans who have watched the anime or read the manga, what do you think of the trailers? Do you think the live action will match up to the original…or perhaps might not follow the original completely but still be a good interpretation of it?

Teaser (turn on CC for sub)

2-minute trailer:

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14 thoughts on “Anticipated j-movie: Kuroshitsuji (Live Action) starring Mizushima Hiro

  1. Hey Heisui! He’s BAAAA~aaaaaaaaack! Yay! I hope his wife is doing better.

    Man, Mizushima Hiro tests my conviction of being able to separate acting ability from just crushing on someone for their looks. In Hana-Kimi, he was way more endearing for a bit-part playboy than should be allowed. Mei-chan no Shitsuji? It is problematic on so. many. levels. How did I even continue that drama, let alone start it in the first place? Mizushima Hiro. Quiet, dignified, adorable, badass. And funny! And suh-mokin, obviously. *sigh* He’s so great.

    As for the actual point of the post, I’ve been meaning to watch the anime, at least, and maybe read the manga. Those previews look pretty awesome, but generally these things don’t work very well as movies- too many characters, too many plotlines. And Japan has a tendency to be… unsubtle when it comes to certain emotional scenes. Show, don’t tell, people! Hopefully they can condense and focus the story. Also, I agree on the Ciel casting- Japan, it’s not like you don’t have any androgynous, young-seeming guys who could do this! This is not a voice in an anime series- we’re gonna be able to tell, and it’s gonna be weird. I’m cautiously optimistic, though- she seems to have a lot of experience over a pretty short time, so maybe there is something exceptional they saw for this performance in particular.

    Anyway, super excited, hope it gets released over here soon, or at least fansubbed. Potentially demonic butlers and revenge plots? I’m so there.

    • Hey jubi!! Yup I’m looking forward to seeing Mizushima Hiro here HEHEHE. I didn’t follow all of Mei-chan no Shitsuji so…I don’t really know how he was there. Actually I think I last saw him in Tokyo Dogs with Oguri Shun.

      I’m not sure how much of the story this movie will cover. If they are separating it into a few parts then I don’t think we’d have to worry about there being too many characters & plotlines. I think it would be best if they focused on one arc for this one movie.

  2. I don’t know what to say about this. Honestly, I don’t understand, mmm…. how to explain this… Ok, so, in the anime, the butler, Sebastian, was slim, yes, so they got that part right. But, he was also taller (or basically equal in height) than all the other characters that I can currently think of, which is not a big deal if you can act the part, but it’s just that the physical description almost NEVER EVER matches the original adaption of the live action (or have I just been scarred one to many times?)

    Also, I’m a little sick and tired of Japanese shows that only use actors due to their popularity and not their skill. In saying so, from the preview, Hiro does seem to capture Sebastian’s character pretty well, but I have to comment that he still acts too ‘pretty boy’ and not demonic enough in comparison with the anime adaption of Sebastian (in my opinion anyway).

    I don’t understand why they don’t give Shirota Yuu a chance in a major role? Being tall, very good looking, good voice, etc, (and has the slim body that the Japanese entertainment industry tends to prefer [why that is I have no idea, I mean, why would girls be into guys that are skinny enough that you could be wearing the same size — the attraction is beyond me]). He is always a cameo or some very not-so-important supporting character. With the physical qualities aside you can actually see his potential when he is acting in his roles. But, with Japan’s addiction to short dudes, and androgynous flavours, my heart aches for his future, gah… such a waste! Someone please rescue him! In the preview he plays some dude with super disgusting yellow hair, literally reminds me of the kind of flat yellow you would see in an anime.

    About changing the storyline to Ciel being a girl but dresses up like a boy, I say, ‘GOOD ON YA!’ to the writers for that one! In the anime I found Ciel to be utterly annoying anyway, perhaps changing his gender would alter that perspective? To me, they could easily get Hiro to look even more androgynous than he already naturally does, so they could have used him as Ciel for all I know! I’m sure Hiro would be able to play Ciel quite well. I have nothing against the actor, just tired of seeing actors in roles that could have been played better by others. Please don’t bash me Mizushima Hiro fan-lovers.

    Mmm… I have yet to watch Kenshin… Was it good? I hear there is part 2? I gave up xxxHolic in the first few episodes of the anime. Was that actually good?

    • Oh I didn’t know that Ciel in the anime was annoying. Really though I think it would’ve been better to just keep the genders that were already in the original. Erm when you talk about how Mizushima Hiro is not tall enough to be Sebastian but then that he could even play Ciel..I get a bit confused since I thought Ciel is supposed to be a small and delicate looking boy. O_O I don’t really see how Mizushima Hiro would pass as Ciel.

      As for Shirota Yuu, I’m also surprised he hasn’t gotten many major roles as of late. I think he is tall enough like Mizushima Hiro but for some reason when I picture him he is also a different frame? Like he has broader shoulders or something? Anyways I think I last saw him in SPEC!

      • Ah, I think it might just be mostly me who think that Ciel was annoying in the anime. It’s just that Ciel is a character who is getting a bit too overused, an arrogant small little boy with a cold angst aura. But he’s not annoying 100% of the time hehehe.

        Oh! I just googled and apparently Mizushima Hiro is supposedly 180 cm? But, he looks pretty short in series I’ve seen him? In Hanazakari Kimi no Tachi e he was standing side by side with Ikuta Toma, both wearing flats and their shoulders were touching at the same height… In Zettai Kareshi the female lead looks significantly taller standing next to him, and much shorter next to Hayami Mokomichi who is supposed to be 184 cm.

        Yeah, Hiro is a bit too tall to be Ciel, I exaggerated on that!

        Yeah, he’s in that, though I’ll bet only as some minor character 😦 Yuu is 188 cm, ah… yes, broad shoulders… *slips into daydream*

    • I don’t really know about the anime, so I can’t speak to Ciel’s degree of being annoying. I think it makes sense to keep the same basic elements, but change the setting and characters, so in that way I agree with the writers. It seems like there’s some homoerotic subtext between Sebastian and Ciel, at least in the art of the series? I don’t know how much that is actually exhibited. I wonder if that’s why they wanted to gender-flip the character. I hope not, but I guess it’s possible.

      Anyway, Mei-chan no Shitsuji was a really silly series, but Hiro’s butler work in that one was pretty solid, and he kept me watching. He was quiet and dignified, but could be steely or mischievous as the occasion called for, so I think he’s well-suited for Sebastian. He might be pretty, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also act. Plus, he’s got action experience from the Kamen Rider series.

      Interestingly, I’ve only seen Shirota Yuu in goofy roles. His acting hasn’t seemed that good to me, but yeah- tiny roles, so I don’t know. I think the most serious role I’ve seen him do was in Hana-Kimi, and he didn’t seem to have a whole lot behind his eyes. What have you seen him in that you saw potential? I want to understaaaaaaand.

  3. I remember reading somewhere before that the movie was set in a different time (100 years in the future?) than the manga & that Gouriki was taking on a similar role as Ciel, but will not be Ciel. I’m still trying to figure out why they can’t follow the original story as it is good.

    I don’t know what to think as I’ve read some of the manga & watched part of the anime. Thanks to having seen the musical version, I miss Matsushita Yuya as Sebastian. Will reserve judgement until I see it.

    I am anxiously awaiting the next Kenshin live action 🙂

    • It doesn’t really look like the future O_O I guess it is steampunk though? :/ Wow I am just more confused about what the movie interpretation of Ciel will be. HM.

      YUP also waiting for the next installment of Rurouni Kenshin, so happy that there are TWO upcoming sequels BWAHAHAHAHA

      • its set in the future since the manga was set in the 19th century london i think and the characters are british. thats why the director said he couldnt do an exact remake and had to set it in the future of 2014 and make gouriki a halfie.
        meh im ambivalent towards mizushima. so far the roles hes been playing hasnt rly needed much acting ability. i liked him ever since i saw him from kamen rider kabuto. but hes not a great actor and doesnt rly make me want to watch any of his shows lol.
        (unlike lets say if abe hiroshi stars in a movie/drama. you know for show his acting is going to be great).

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