Hi, I’m heisui.

I first made My Drama Tea on a whim in 2011.  The name of my blog is just something I randomly thought of off the top of my head, but later on I made the connection between tea and dramas because, guess what, both of them are addicting.  😛 *lame attempt to relate the two together*  My username, ‘heisui’ was also created on a whim, and is based off of a Japanese word I randomly found in the dictionary.  It means “calm water” (平水) and I meant for it to evoke a feeling of peacefulness. O_O”

I first started out drama blogging without much of a direction.  I had vague aspirations to be like one of those ‘big 3′ drama blogs but eventually, I realized that that wasn’t really for me.  I realized I wanted to write more about lesser known dramas rather than writing about all the super popular dramas.  I didn’t want to contribute to the chatter about dramas that already had enough people talking about them, but rather, I wanted to talk about the ones that were rarely being discussed.  I feel that there are already plenty of kdrama bloggers out there, so I tend to focus on a variety Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas instead.

I also have very personal motivations in drama blogging.  It is a great form of stress-relief for me; just blogging will let me relax and take my mind off of other things.  It is also a personal endeavor, to be able to think more critically about the stories and characters that I watch.  Writing about dramas forces me to analyze them more closely and to try to understand the meaning behind the stories & the reasons for characters’ actions.

Where can you read more about me?

I tend to keep most of my blog posts drama-related.  But you can find random posts more about my personal thoughts in my “Heisui’s Thoughts” section.


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91 thoughts on “About

  1. This may seem odd, but it’s been two days since you’ve posted something and I’m already wondering where you went. I’m looking forward to some jdrama recaps, but no pressure if you are insanely busy. Have fun.

  2. I LOVE your recaps and commentary for BBJX. I’ve already watched the drama twice and reading your blog just brings back all the sweet (and bittersweet) memories. So glad to have found your blog and someone else who shares in my absolute adoration of BBJX. Can’t wait for the rest of your posts on BBJX!!

  3. Hey baby: I’ve just read ur “What’s New” update on the side! Haha! U r NOT “a crazed obsessed fan in utter denial”! U r just very optimistic about our OTP and I LOVE THAT! I need someone like u to have very high hope about our OTP! Haha!! U r right! I always rolled my eyes in the eariler eps when Jing/Tian were very intimate. Seriously, I don’t get Jing/Tian ship because there were zero chemistry! Be honest, although I’m a very hard Tony’s fan, there’s this one thing I despise about him and that’s going along the ‘rumor’ about him and Amber. I see zero chemistry between them in BTS too! It’s so obvious (to me) that the rumor was created to boost the drama’s rating/attention! I think that’s a low act. I mean, the media was making a big deal because they kissed in the BTS during rehearsal. Well, what about the numerous times Tony and ChienNa kissed during rehearsals in EX BF’s BTS? They were much more intimate/passionate that I thought they were seriously in love when they were making the drama! Haha! Like come on! Look at the EX’ kisses. Those were some serious making out and I haven’t seen kissing that real so I donna…compare to Jing/Tian which seem like sparkles on cupcake (innocent) where the kisses from EX were like mouth watery freezies (HOT and making my mouth dry!)? LOL!

    • Thanks, I’m glad I’m not the only one spazzing out! Hehehe. BLEGH I was really surprised by that rumor too..in the BTS it looks like they’re enjoying themselves, but then again Tony & Tammy have great chemistry too. They’re always joking around, I love it!

      Tony really toned it down for Love Forward, the kisses are much more innocent and simple. I’m so curious about how Tian Ze & Ai Xing are gonna kiss now!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I can’t even imagine them making out like in Ex-boyfriend. *boggles my mind*

      • Haha~ From the innocent kisses we’ve seen, I don’t think we’ll get more intense kisses OR bed scenes! XD I’m thinking their first kiss will be an impulse/unconscious kiss from Ai because Tian did something really touching (more touching than holding her head while watching the stars or saying “thinking of u is thinking about myself” –> WTF? I would’ve kiss Tian already! Haha!)
        Oh man! It’s only Friday! Sunday! Hurry up!

        • HAHA, definitely no bed scenes. But I wish there were some better kisses!! I think their first kiss would be really gentle but then it could get more intense later on. *hoping*

          • Oooh! U r getting me so excited now heisui! keke!
            but I’m so gonna write complain letters to the creator if they don’t give us a first kiss. Start a petition and request a movie JUST FOR THE FIRST KISS! Haha!

          • I won’t accept them not having a 1st kiss!!! And there has to be plenty of kisses afterward! Jing Jing & Tian Ze got a billion kisses, so Ai Xing & Tian Ze should too!

  4. Hey girl: u know what? After this week’s ep which I was soooooooooo looking forward to, the 2nd thing that I most look forward to is ur review for this week’s! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Can’t wait can’t wait!

      • Girl: I gotta admit, whoever edit the preview is a genius. I’ve read a lot of interpretation from other fans. I also read spoilers elsewhere! So I can’t wait to share them!

        • O…K… the drama is ending sooner than we all thought! NEXT WEEK! Haha! I guess the tv station isn’t blind… they’re seeing how we’re suffering too so they are ending it early to prevent us more pain! =P

          • THE HUG! I know right? That hug doesn’t even look romantic to me at all! ~>_<~
            I guess they're just not sure anymore. Ai wanted Tian to be happy w/ or w/out her (she looks so hesitate when Jing's mom asked her to go for it/compete with Jing) and Tian, not sure if his love for Ai is really for Ai or for Jing (he mentioned to Grandpa he's not sure if he can 'repay' Ai back the same as what Ai has done for him) so he wanted Ai to have the best and the most beautiful (from him or not).
            Awwww~ Their story is so damn sad! *heart broken*
            (note: some fan thought that their "I care about you" = "I love you"! AWWW~! Have u guys heard the saying… "beyond friendship but not yet lover". I think that's soooo the situation between them! sighhh~~~~)

  5. Your Blog is everything I wanted to see, hear, and know about Japanese Drama & their review!
    I used to have a random blog where I talk about Drama’s I’ve watched as well as books! but I haven’t been active on it lately, as well as most of my friends have shifted completely to K-drama, so I decided to back-up its contents and delete it
    Seeing your blog now, has lit something in me, and I am now considering to re-post my old posts about J-drama in a new blog!
    Thank you very much! =)

    P.S. after reading your review on 2011 Dramas, I am down loading “Soredemo, Ikite Yuku” to watch!

  6. Wow. It’s been a really long time o_O but I just wanted to drop by this section and tell you that I admire your humbleness, I’ve said it several times already, but I really find your opinions and thoughts well-rounded, open-minded and nuanced haha. I hope you continue to find joy in blogging 😉

      • Some links doesn’t work. I only watch some episodes. Didn’t watch the whole drama. Still one of the best viet drama. I guess it’s alright if you skim it.

  7. Lots and loads of luck with your test! ^_^ Sorry don’t know where I could shoot a message to you elsewhere. I totally believe you can do this 😉

  8. Please!!!!! I just finished BBJX and i’m looking so hard for the book. Do you know if was published in english??? I want read so bad but chinese is no way for me… Or just the epilogue??? Please??? sorry for my english. is bad

  9. Hey Heisui! I finally cranked out your header, i’m sorry it took so long. My laptop had to undergo major repairs and before that I consistently tried to make a header for you but nothing was working. After waiting for my laptop to be fixed, I finally went back to it and BAM, busted out 2 headers just for you. Where can I send them to you? I hope you like them!

  10. Just curious, but are you Chinese? I love your Zhen Huan recaps and was wondering if you were able to watch raw episodes and figure out the meanings behind the difficult words in the story!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Well usually I just watch them during my free time. But it’s much harder when I’m busy and can’t devote as much time to writing/watching…which is why my reviews have not been as frequent lately.

  11. Thanks for your comments on Legend of Zhen Huan, which is the finest Chinese drama I’ve seen since the 1987 version of Chamber of the Red Pavillion.
    I was wondering if you ever heard of an old Japanese drama, which I saw on NHK tv in Tokyo, back in 1973 (I’m 77) and have never forgotten: As I don’t remember the title, don’t know much Japanese and don’t live in the Far East now, no one has ever been able to help me. It deals with a mature but attractive nobleman around 1900, who hides anarchists on his property. The heroine is a country girl named Aki-san, who acts acts as governess for his pre-teen daughter Yumiko-sama, Aki-san falls in love with her employer, who in the end is arrested.

  12. Hi again!!!!! Thanks for your reply to my comment on male vs female bloggers. I think we need to check out anime blogs to see if there’s anything that makes the experience particularly worthwhile for male bloggers. There’s a vibrant discussion here: https://goodbyenavi.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/like-a-lady-females-in-anime-blogging/

    In other news, here’s a Sisterhood of the World Award to stow away for the next award season:
    https://aphilosopherchair.wordpress.com/awards/the-sisterhood-of-the-world-blogger-award-writing-along-crying-along-eating-along/ !

  13. Hi again, Heisui. I just noticed your comment about how you picked your name. In Chinese (if you didn’t already know), it would be pronounced ping2 shui3, (ping with 2nd (rising) tone, and shui with 3rd (down-up) tone). The meaning would be about the same as in Japanese. There is a phrase in a Chinese poem that your name reminds me of: 宁静致远 “ning jing zhi yuan” which I translate as “a calm heart will carry you far”. My translation might not be perfect, but I love this phrase and the multiple meanings it seems to have.

  14. I need your recommendations for romantic comedies like Honey and Clover that have those tear-jerker/feels moments every now and then. And yes, I want Japanese.

    I also hope it would be more recent ones as torrents/streams are hard to come by with the older ones (to my dismay).

    thank you!

    • Hmm, Last Friends and Sunao ni Narenakute are also about a group of young adult friends but they’re not quite like Honey & Clover. Lately there haven’t been many Honey & Clover-ish or Orange Days-ish jdramas. >_<

  15. Hi Heisui…recently Im reading your BBJX recaps due to KD Scarlet Heart Ryeo . Thanks for ur lovely recaps… your translate BBJX in your own words, well done dear. ❤

  16. I am so fortunate to chance upon your blog whilst looking into BBJX and after reading what you said about “Woman” I had to watch it right away. It made me sob in places and smile everywhere else. The broad band connection is on melt down as I download the ten episodes to cherish. Thank you so much!

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