I have separated these blogs by category.  Note that these categories are flexible because some blogs will cover dramas from multiple countries, as well as films, entertainment, music, etc . And in case you didn’t notice, I purposely did not mention the “big name” drama blogs simply because I want to focus more on the less well-known blogs.  And no, I will not list every single drama blog in existence on my blogroll.


  • Hamsapsukebe:  One of the best j-drama blogs out there, with very blunt and quick reviews.
  • Jdrama weblog: Also a very popular and informative blog that provides synopses and upcoming drama descriptions.  Also does some recaps for some must-watch dramas.
  • Otherwhere: Japanese film reviews, news, and trailers!
  • Psycho Drama: Focuses on Japanese films, actors, and dramas.
  • Su Loves Drama: This also covers kdramas but I mainly follow this blog for its jdrama posts.  I like Su’s taste in jdramas and her posts are a mix of impressions on shows/thought-provoking reviews.
  • Drama Mochi: A relatively new jdrama blog.  I especially enjoy the first impressions posts about multiple jdramas.


  • Aehyu: C-dramas, k-dramas, and a love of Liu Shi Shi.
  • Cfensi: A must-follow for Chinese entertainment fans.
  • Drama for Real: Covers Chinese, Taiwanese, and HK dramas & movies.  Does both recaps & reviews.
  • Dramatic Tea Leaves: Covers a lot of c-dramas and does Chinese internet novel translations.
  • Jayne Stars: A great source for HK and mainland Chinese entertainment news.
  • Mookie Hyun: Mookie is the master of spazzing, especially about Yuan Hong, Wallace Huo, and other Chinese actors.
  • Jole Cole’s Station: A great site that has frequent updates on upcoming dramas, synopses for airing/past dramas, etc.
  • Underrated Gems: Mainly covers c-dramas.  I especially enjoy the posts on Chinese culture.


  • A Fairytale World: HK dramas, tw-dramas, and c-dramas.  A wonderful combination.  I put this under tw-dramas because this blog is my main stop for them!
  • Breathless Survival: Also posts about k-dramas but I follow her for the tw-dramas.  She is a big fan of Tony Yang.
  • Dramapot: Mainly focuses on tw-dramas, along with a few HK and c-dramas!
  • Give Me Dramas: Lots of tw-dramas!
  • Obsessions of Line: Reviews current tw-dramas, translates previews, and shares Taiwanese entertainment news.


  • HKoreandramaisland:  As you can tell by the name, this blog also covers some k-dramas but mainly focuses on TVB HK dramas.


Obviously there are MYRIADS of k-drama blogs, but I only listed one that I actually follow here on wordpress.  O_O

  • The Talking Cupboard: Always has gorgeous photoshoots of Korean actors/models.  Also recaps k-dramas, and has an occasional post on Korean culture.  Has the best informative posts about Korean traditional clothing & history too!!


  • Asian Addicts Anonymous: K-dramas/J-dramas, and some tw-dramas.  Also covers some anime, manga, video games.  A diverse blog.
  • Orange Jasmine Purple Yam: Often talks about the experience of being a fangirl.  Also has interesting posts on Asian pop culture.
  • Blogphilic: A mix of posts about life and j-dramas/k-dramas.  Very introspective and honest.
  • In Between Dreams: J-dramas & k-dramas, plus anime!  Only for those who can read French.
  • Shine a Light Rose: K-dramas, j-dramas, and kpop.  A really good writer.

58 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Awww :”) Thanks for adding my shabby blog to the list *blushing*

    I have to make a confession over here: I always read your recaps but I’m just too shy to drop any comment because I don’t watch any of the show. I love reading The Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan’s recaps because I like to know more about the life for the royalties. Not forgetting the gorgeous attire that they have!

    Anyway, thanks again and advance Happy New Year 2013! 😉

  2. You’re so kind in promoting other drama blogs for fans to know other blogs too. I guess it’s missing Thai and Vietnamese or Singapore drama blogs. jk.

      • Been watching some korean dramas recently since I’m a bit bored of tvb series. TVB lack of cast, sometimes I need some korean dramas to relax. I used to watch old mainland dramas and taiwanese ancient dramas but not anymore.

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  4. I’m sure there are more tvb recappers. There must be more. Not sure if there is a lack of Mainland, tvb, and Taiwanese drama recappers but I know there are lots of Korean Drama recappers.

  5. You know…I was just thinking as I was looking at AAA’s description…we (mostly me) really have covered a little bit of everything, haven’t we? I haven’t re-added my Blog List yet, but think I’m going to pare it down a bit. I’m so drama disillusioned now for the past and airing seasons that I’ve really been focusing more and more on music…and making MV gifs. WHY? Because I learned how. Now I want to find a HQ video of a certain episode of Skip Beat and finally get a decent gif of Ivy Chen’s hilarious wall slapping scene.

    • Yeah you have done a lot! LOL I suppose you must be making tons of GIF’s for all your favorite moments?

      Ok ok actually just yesterday for some reason…I started watching random scenes from Love Forward. O___O …………and I was all of a sudden giggling and getting into Tian Ze x Ai Xing OTP all over again. It kinda made me realize how I always poke fun at Love Forward for its bad plot, but in the end I was so invested in that OTP that even now I still crack up when I see them. HEHEH……………

      • I’ve been fixing posts and when I hit the Love Forward ones, I had to chuckle over Tian Ze & Ai Xing and all their scenes and cuteness. While the actual drama ended up being less than stellar, that pair were awesome and we were so invested in them. And while I was fixing them, I kept thinking of you and our conversations about the drama 🙂 Warm fuzzy moments.

        • I had to reread some of my own reviews (LOL..) to find some of the scenes I wanted to rewatch. And omg I was so spazzy and obsessed back then!! O_O

  6. OMG I just saw this page. So honoured to have my blog name up there (▰˘◡˘▰). It’s so nice to know that you like my first impression reviews 😀 I have to say although I love how you reviewed the ENTIRE Zhen Huan Zhuan, I love your reviews on underrated J-doramas the best. I can’t find blogs which reviews on those low profile dramas and thus so happy that you do them 🙂 Keep up the good work 😀

    • Of course you’re there! 😉 And aw thanks. It was a big undertaking & I was so happy when I finally finished it. Admittedly, I would like to go back and revise some of my earlier LZH reviews though, heheh.

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