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Sound of the Desert / Da Mo Yao (paused, waiting for subs)

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Mr. Right Wanted

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An Innocent Mistake
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Oyaji no Senaka

Two Fathers

Nazo no Tenkousei

Mother (2010)

22 thoughts on “Currently Watching

    • if you’re still looking, is a place that reminds me a lot of mysoju, but viki and dramafever are good places as well

  1. So, I don’t know where to post my comment without being out of context since you didn’t post an article about it but I saw that you began Cruel City! I’m soo happy! First episode isn’t the most gripping in my opinion, so I’m not that surprised (nor upset, hehee) by your neutrality, but slowly, the ambiance and the characters become more and more riveting (especially Shi Hyun, aka the Doctor’s Son) and won me over, so I hope it will do the same with you…
    And…you didn’t know Jung Kyung Ho before that???
    Also, to encourage you to keep watching : Nam Gyu Ri really doesn’t have much screen time until ep 4 (and even then, it’s kind of bearable…I don’t know how long it will last though.). =)

    • Salut Kaa! I’m on episode 3 now, hehe! Yeah it sounds like Jung Kyung Ho is pretty popular but I never heard of him until now. >_<"" I have never seen any of his dramas so I guess that's why. But when I saw his character Doctor's Son I was all AHA I GET WHAT KAA WAS TALKING ABOUT NOW!! I don't really like the detective couple but Doctors Son & Co. are great. I really like Yisul (the 'auntie').

      The very little I have seen of Nam Gyu Ri just annoyed me. =_= When Shi Hyun goes into the convenience store, with his head BLEEDING, Nam Gyu Ri's character is too busy texting on her phone to notice!! Omg! I would've rushed to tend to Doctor's wounds!! 😛

      • Bwahaha, I KNOW, RIGHT?! It doesn’t make sense at all : I mean, there’s that smoking hot guy in front of you and you don’t even *look* at him? Nonsense.
        I don’t really like the detective couple as well, she annoys me a lot, and he is WAY too much protective towards her. That being said, I think Hyung Min can be an interesting character and a great foil to Shi Hyun, so I’m looking forward their show-down!

        And I loooove Jung Kyung Ho because he can play all sorts of character : dark and badass in Cruel City but also very funny, clumsy and endearing in Smile, You (that’s a pretty long drama, but I just loved the first part and his chemistry with Lee Min Jung, they were one of the best pairing of 2009) for example. I’ve always liked him in all the dramas I saw him in, and he’s always looked fine to me, but it may be the first time I find him sexy (like, Really Sexy) haha, but now I think you understand why ;).

        Ahem, anyway (I wanted to talk about Cruel City, I ended up by fangirling on Jung Kyung Ho, lol, sorry for that), it’s good to know you’re watching it! =)

        • I still don’t see how in the world Soo Min is gonna become an undercover agent. O_O I guess she will transform from her innocent self?

          I am beginning to understand the fangirling over Jung Kyung Ho, hehe. 😛 I think he is playing the kind of character that a lot people will end up rooting for.

  2. Hell low. I see you have “mother on hold” I saw it a year or so back, and thought it was excellent. Any views on it, so far?

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